Born in Arizona, and now settled in Washington State, Courtney Marie Andrews is still just 26 but ‘having begun touring in her teens and barely stopped since’ she carries herself with more confidence than many of her age. Her most recent album Honest Life, her sixth, was mostly written in Belgium on the back of a heartbreak and tells stories of the homesickness she felt there, as well as of her growing pains as a woman, the desire to fit somewhere when nowhere fits and the longing to return home to the people she knows and loves. It was recorded in Seattle entirely by Andrews herself and received glowing reviews upon its release last year: Uncut called it “a remarkably assured piece of work, gracefully furnished and artfully wrought” and to Mojo it was “rich, understated and resonant”. The Telegraph commented “If this was a debut, we would be hailing Andrews as a precocious young genius. But perhaps, in this age of acceleration, amid a pop blizzard of viral memes and instant digital fame, the slow maturing of a truly substantial talent is something to really celebrate.”

Q magazine said “Andrews shares far more than just a haircut with Linda Ronstadt and Joni Mitchell, while heartbreaker ballads such as Only In My Mind roll from her fingers like Carole King”. Many have classified Andrews’ output to date alongside such folk and country luminaries, but she recently told Various Small Flames “Genre was not really on my mind when writing and recording these songs. It never occurred to me that they could even be considered country until this radio guy in New York said, “hey, this has pedal steel, so we will have to play this on country radio.” I love country, but I definitely never sought out to write in any particular genre. All that mattered to me was that the songs were good. Good songs come in every style.”