Condensed down from Culture Dub Orchestra, a large World Roots Dub band based in the Midlands, with influences from all parts of the globe, CDO (Quartet) looks at the genre through a new lens. With dub still firmly at its core, this smaller ensemble freely explores a range of cultures, backgrounds and musical styles. CDO Quartet replaces the full band’s heavy roots drum/bass with a running tabla (Sunny Mohindra) and bass (Chris Cooper) section. Overlaying this, Guitar (Paul Wetton) and Violin (Hannah Lawson) dialog and converse, delivering a euphoric soundscape. Using a range of textures and delays, CDO Quartet take the mind on a spiritual and nomadic journey. In fact, CDO Quartet are nomadic at heart. Summer 2017 sees CDO Quartet embark on a pilgrimage to Berlin and Bordeaux – stopping off en route to play small venues, busk, move on, repeat. 2016 saw CDO Quartet do a similar tour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.