Village Well

You and I. We all live in spaces that are uniquely ours. City, town, urban, rural, it’s our village. And often, it is music that binds us together as we travel on life’s journey in our unique space. Like music, water remains key to our very existence. The well. Hence there name: Village Well.


These two powerful concepts contribute to the richness and dynamics of our music. Traditional, yet evolving and vital to human existence wherever we are.


Rich Middle Eastern melodies combine with the classical and folk traditions of India and soulfully blend with the ‘free spirited’ rhythms of the Caribbean to create a superb music from diverse cultural traditions.


Village Well are an culturally diverse trio: Pritam Singh (India), Zirak Hamad (Iraq Kurdistan) and Norman Stewart (UK). They have a collective experience of playing, teaching and touring in excess of 50 years. Their creations whether sacred or secular, gypsy or jazz, folk or classical, pop or traditional retains a vitality that is contemporary and of today.