SeelandAs well as being the home of Black Sabbath and the British Heavy Metal Scene, during the early 00′s Birmingham spawned a new musical scene, inspired by space age pop, the BBC Radiophonic workshop, Joe Meek and eccentric 60′s Library music. Some called it “The retro futurist electronica scene”. Seeland formed in the winter of 2004 amid the fallout from that scene and feature two members from the most influential bands of that time, Plone and Broadcast. Seeland is Tim Felton (Vocals, Guitars) Mike “Billy” Bainbridge (Electronics, Vocals) and on bass the recently recruited Neil McAuley The trio create melodic electronic space structures often reminiscent of the music made by Brian Eno and Krautrock pioneers Cluster and Harmonia with an added Beach Boys pop sensibility and a hint of John Maus’ idiosyncratic charm. Using a variety of vintage analogue synths, valve amps and esoteric audio equipment the group go to great lengths to create their transcendental pop nuggets. The band’s output so far has been limited to a single and an EP on Stereolab’s duophonic super 45′s and two tracks on the much sought after, long out of print Static Caravan compilations. Seeland have recently signed to Loaf recordings, with their debut album “Tomorrow Today” scheduled to be released in March 2009. The single ‘Library’ bw ‘Call the Incredible’ was released on the 15th December 2008.