Rob Moore


Rob is a 25 year old singer/song writer from Hull. He has lived many lives in this short time; he would see his friends on a Hull Council Estate and then head to the Albert Hall for a Classical music feast. He would work on the factory floor of a fish gutting room and then go home to read Camus and Dostoyevsky. His universal appeal comes from mixing rich and poor, high and low, with a uniquely casual mastery of the fret board and an emotive voice that rings every word with a stark clarity reminiscent of Dylan.


Hull is famous for being bombed, William Wilberforce’s anti-slavery campaign and a few good bands; Everything But The girl, Fatboy Slim and most of the musicians of Bowie’s Spiders from Mars band. Rob Moore is already in the running to join these greats: He was put through to the regional finals of Open Mic UK 2010 and his other band, Thee Deadtime Philharmonic, have enjoyed Channel 4 and BBC Radio 6 air time as well as a tour with Mick Jones of The Clash and the Strummerville music charity.