Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, John Moreland produces music that is very influenced by his geographical and personal roots. Born in Texas and raised in a conservative Southern Baptist family, he moved to Oklahoma at a young age, via Kentucky. Having performing his first gig in his early teens, Moreland started out playing punk and hardcore music before moving onto the Americana for which he won most of his fame. His first three full-length solo releases Earthbound Blues (2011), In The Throes (2013) and High on Tulsa Heat (2015) were largely self-performed and produced and won praise for their lyrical clarity and Moreland’s heart-breaking delivery. High on Tulsa Heat was called “starkly elegant, addressing sadness with clarity and directness” (New York Times) and American Songwriter commented “Whether couched in the hush of his delicate acoustic finger-picking or amped up with a bit of tempo and electricity, sooner or later, his words demand attention”.

Big Bad Luv, his fourth album released earlier this year, saw him step out of Oklahoma and record in Little Rock, Arkansas, with Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Sheryl Crow) mixing for him. Showing off a heavier, more rock and roll sound than his previous records, the album may mark a new phase in his career – Popmatters believe it “can hold its own next to any of the great Americana-tinged rock ‘n’ roll records of the past”. But as noted by Rolling Stone, “True to Moreland’s sense of introspection and tender lyricism, Big Bad Luv doesn’t leave the sadness behind or start to see the world in simple black or white: instead, it finds a man looking towards the future but only while acknowledging the permanent imprint of the past.”