African-Canadian roots and old time soul artist Kaia Kater has been making waves in North America for some time now and it will be a pleasure to welcome her to this year’s Moseley Folk. Born in Montreal and now based in Toronto, life has taken her through Winnipeg, Wakefield and West Virginia and her music explores the Canadian musical landscape and Appalachian histories she has become so well versed in. Expert banjo picking, deft arrangements and outstanding song writing have won Kater numerous admirers already: Rolling Stone have called her work “plaintive and mesmerizing”, saying that she “writes and performs with the skill of a folk-circuit veteran”. And fRoots magazine described her first release Sorrow Bound as “a remarkably assured debut album which both honours tradition and declares Kater’s credentials as a distinctive, original artist”. Writing about last year’s follow up album, Folk Radio’s Helen Gregory said “Nine Pin is an immediate and powerful album which showcases Kaia Kater’s skills as a musician, writer and performer whose creative vision stands at the intersections of traditional and contemporary folk and roots music, reclaiming and celebrating the role of Black people of African-Canadian, African-Caribbean and African-American descent in a form of music too often appropriated by white people. But although grounded in traditional Appalachian folk music, what makes Nine Pin stand out from the crowd is Kaia’s openness to contemporary music from a range of genres. The result is a stunning album of understated clarity and insight, effortlessly bridging the past and the present to create a blueprint for the future”.