Lewes-raised 27-year-old Laurence Galpin is the voice behind Laucan (pronounced Lor-can). Explaining his initial decision to sing falsetto after the break-up of his old band, he says “I didn’t want anyone hearing my songs through the door of my room”. Thankfully now he’s ready to be heard and this year’s debut EP Up Tomorrow demands that he be heard: featuring impressionist lyrical images, spectral folk beauty and enveloping soundscapes, it’s a gorgeous, glowing introduction to a singer who found something special in his attic-based isolation. The Line of Best Fit called the EP “a breathtaking jaw-dropper that grabs you by the scruff of your neck and whips you into a new world – a world where the only company is the wind between the reeds. It’s a thrill from beginning to end, and a rare work of pure escapism.”