“A musician of startling originality… Musically she comes from the school whose alumni include Tom Waits, Kate Bush & Joanna Newsom” (The Sunday Times). Mesmeric and psychedelic, Liverpudlian singer Laura J. Martin is a hip-hop flautist, mandolin player, and J-pop fan who has supported Misty’s Big Adventure and Buck 65. Her debut album The Hangman Tree combined an extraordinary mix of flute, loops, mandolin and xylophone, along with Martin’s Newsom-esque vocals. In a four-star review, Uncut called the record “weird but more than a little wonderful”. Since her last visit to the festival, she has released two more albums: sophomore release Dazzle Days was recorded with Tunng’s Mike Lindsay and featured a delightful set of folk and chamber pop. Last year’s On The Never Never was described by Louder Than Sound as her “most beguiling and brilliant record to date”.