Stereo Embers magazine has described Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates’ lyrics as “sophisticated, emotional, precise” and their music as “lush, spry, sweepingly concise arrangements that are unmistakeably, unerringly British in tongue and tone.” Yet, at the same time, the 4-6 piece group, based in San Francisco and Birmingham, manage to “avoid generic clichés and twee parochialism” (The Quietus). The group released their debut The Fates to warm reception: Pop Matters called it an “under-the-radar gem”, commenting that “while the lyrical content of The Fates may be bleak, the music makes their saturnine musings delightful to listen to”. The record was produced by Eric Drew Feldman (Capt. Beefheart, PJ Harvey, Pixies), who also performs with the group.