Nap Eyes’ 2014 debut Whine of the Mystic was described by Pitchfork as “a drinker’s album, for the kind of drinker who does so alone, publicly, poring over popular 11th-century tomes”. Their reviewer went on to say of songwriter, singer, and rhythm guitarist Nigel Chapman’s performance “the content portrays him as a wise man, the delivery as someone who isn’t 100% trustworthy”. Formed of Chapman, alongside Seamus Dalton, Josh Salter and Brad “Bronson” Loughead and hailing from Nova Scotia, the band’s second album Thought Rock Fish Scale was nominated for a Polaris Music Prize. Popmatters said “There is a sense throughout that we’re sitting spellbound listening to a storyteller–one with the extra trick of syncing his stories up with melody and atmosphere” and All Music called it a “subtle gem”.