“One of Britain’s most distinct and talented voices” (Kerrang), Roddy Woomble is best known as the front man of Idlewild, the Scottish band with whom he has toured the world and recorded seven albums, and who blessed our main stage Saturday headlining spot two years ago. Woomble released his first solo record in 2006 – a folk collection called My Secret is My Silence. Of recording his first solo effort, Woomble said “the barriers were down so I could do whatever I wanted. I don’t look at it as a solo record – I mean, my name is on it, but it’s more of a collaborative effort.” The record featured, among others, Kate Rusby. In 2008 Woomble combined with Kris Drever and John McCusker to produce Before the Ruin, an album typified by memorable, powerful choruses, deft interplay between Drever and Woomble’s voices and McCusker’s soulful fiddle; the trio’s live performance was a highlight of 2009’s festival.

Having grown up between America, France and the UK and lived in Glasgow and New York as an adult, Woomble moved with his wife to Mull in the Western Isles of Scotland in 2008 and the move strongly influenced his next solo outing The Impossible Song and Other Songs, released in 2011. “We moved to Mull for the space, for the environment, but it’s actually been the people that have been so important”, he told the Guardian. “My wife has family there. At first I knew no one at all, but the songs I’ve written have definitely been shaped by the people I’ve met. Sometimes I think it’s odd how these songs came together quite quickly, then I think, well maybe it’s not been quick at all, maybe it’s taken me 34 years to get here and I just didn’t realise it”. Woomble recently published Instrumentals a collection of words, lyrics and photographs from tours, albums and his life in the Scottish Hebrides.