“A quietly classy young folk band” (The Guardian) and winners of Best Group at this year’s BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, The Furrow Collective are an English/Scottish quartet comprising the talents of Lucy Farrell (fiddle, viola, saw, voice), Rachel Newton (harp, fiddle, voice), Emily Portman (banjo, concertina, voice) and Alasdair Roberts (guitars, voice).

Roberts recorded under the moniker Appendix Out for a few years before beginning to record under his own name in 2001. He’s worked with the likes of Jason Molina and Will Oldham and has been described as “one of the most talented, important and relevant songwriters and song-adapters” by Folk Radio UK, while Mojo commented that he is “quietly escalating towards Scottish national treasure status”. He’s also appearing separately from the Furrow Collective at this year’s festival.

Formed in 2013, their debut album At Our Next Meeting released the next year showed off a shared love of traditional balladry and an intuitive approach to collaboration. Folk Radio UK described it as “one of the finest albums of the year” and The Guardian called it “a quietly triumphant set”. In 2015 they won Folk Awards for Best Traditional Track and, not for the last time, Best Group.

Last year they released second album Wild Hog and toured the UK extensively. The record was produced by Andy Bell, who has worked his magic for artists like Bellowhead and Seasick Steve over the years, and whose own label Hudson Records the quartet are signed to. Of the band, Bell says “I love that they are so raw and earthy yet the detail and thought that goes into all the elements of the songs is staggering. I keep finding new bits every time I listen. We are really lucky to have such a great album and artist”.