Tunng co-founders Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders had last collaborated on Tunng’s third album Good Arrows in 2007 when a trip by Genders to see Lindsay in Reykjavik, where he’d been living, reignited their creative partnership over man chats and drinks until dawn. The rekindled friendship and enchanting location inspired their new partnership – Throws, whose eponymous debut album last year was described as “a beguiling mix of highlife guitar riffs, speaker-busting sub bass and hymnal, churchlike harmonies” by the Guardian, who commented “these tunes are as big and catchy as anything Chris Martin has written lately. In fact, although more leftfield, [single] The Harbour has Coldplay’s stadium tropes – an addictive melody, repeated to pulverising effect – and in a parallel universe, these songs would be wafting over a stadium near you”. Mojo said “Genders’ decision to forsake his husky tones for a forthright falsetto immediately adds an unsettling nuance to Throws’ twisting tales and burrowing melodies”.