Rajasthan’s elite street circus, presenting the best of India’s performers from the legendary entertainment communities. Featuring Iran, the incredible gravity-defying acrobat and Govinda, the fakir with his jaw-dropping skills, both of whom can be seen in Disney’s live-action remake of “Dumbo” – released in 2019.

The cast of aerialists, acrobats, musicians, slack-rope walkers, giant puppets characters and the eye-watering displays by their fakir, present a colourful, vibrant, fast-moving extravaganza of intrigue, drama, feats of daring, music, laughter and surprise.

Their spectacular, awe-inspiring and unique shows toured Europe extensively all through the summers of 2015 – 2019, touring for CIRCUS250 in 2018 as D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus . Now, the revitalised Circus Raj return to touring with an exciting and thrilling new show, designed to capture the hearts and mind of audiences of all ages at festivals, melas, community events and carnivals.