Crooked Weather

Crooked Weather are a rock infused folk band, based out of a tragic mustard 1979 campervan. They hail from the depths of East Yorkshire, with the lilting harmonies of Holly & Will at the core. Their original music, steeped in the folk revival of the late 60’s, has a raw, modern edge, augmented by Tom, Dave an Beth: a fierce rhythm section. These songs echo the ethos of folk song smiths before them with imagery of escape, adventure, companionship and inner searching, but told from a different heart. Building up a steady reputation for their unpredictably dynamic live shows, they’ve supported the likes of Barry “The Fish” Melton, Jeffrey Lewis, Micheal Chapman, Mike Heron (Incredible String Band), Jim Jones, Dick Gaughan, Roddy Woomble & Bridget St. John.