Celebrating Sanctuary is a charity who work through the arts to support and promote refugee and migrant artists. They deliver Artist Development, Community Engagement projects with refugees and asylum seekers, an ongoing series of World Music events and the Refugee Week Festival in June. They are bringing 3 artists to Moseley Folk & Arts Festival 2019 – MUHA, Germa Adan and Harare.

‘Electrifying urban Zimbabwe dance music reviving the thrill & spirit of the much-loved Bhundu Boys. Harare go for jit-jive & beyond!’

From the heart of Zimbabwean urban music, Harare combines different styles from Jit-Jive to the deeply traditional hypnotic polyrhythms of mbira music. The music is heavily influenced by chimurenga, the genre developed by legendary music guru Thomas Mapfumo. Harare are fronted by the exuberance and charisma of Zimbabwean musician Kudaushe Matimba and feature a groundbreaking line-up, mixing the buzzing acoustics of the Southern African marimba, mbira, lead and bass guitars and drum kit.

Founder-member and virtuoso marimbist Kudaushe Matimba was a member of Zimbabwe’s legendary Bhundu Boys, a band who were a groundbreaking force in the African music industry and paved the way for more artists to reach commercial success in Europe and the US.