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Spoz (real name Giovanni Esposito) is an award winning performance poet, singer / songwriter, film maker, playwright and is the poet-in-residence at Birmingham City FC. He has been seen on telly, has been heard on the radio and on the toilet. He’s performed at Glastonbury, Shambala, Cheltenham Lit Fest, Wychwood and other festivals, as well as in front of his mom.

Spoz was Birmingham’s Poet Laureate in 2006 / 7 which was nice. He works a lot with young people in schools, though likes to rough it a little with adults too. He has had three poetry collections published. “Canalligator” and “Spoz’s Shorts … and the Occasional Long One” are for a younger reader. “Sometimes Angry” is a bit more grown up and is released on Verve Poetry Press.


Dreadlockalien was Birmingham’s Poet Laureate in 2005 / 6 and was the founder of the New October Poets collective in Birmingham. A regular performer at Glastonbury and Shambala festivals, Dreadlockalien is a major contributor to the national poetry scene in England … and beyond. He’s a multiple poetry slam winner and the voice of BBC Radio 4’s UK Poetry Slam.

Lorna Meehan

Lorna is an actor, solo theatre maker and co-creative director of RoguePlay Theatre and has been performing poetry at festivals like Glastonbury and Shambala for over ten years and has toured with Apples and Snakes. Her poetry ranges from candid confessions to nuturing wellbeing to the transformative power of music. She is currently touring her second solo show ‘No Entry!’ about ditching shame around sexuality and writing various feminist adaptions of greek myths.

Jemima Hughes

Sit back and don’t relax. A multi slam winner and runner up in the 2020 UK Slam! Jemima Hughes is a performance poet who will drag you through the “mindfield” of the unorthodox. Her work emphasises mental health awareness and covers taboo subjects such as sexual violence, mental illness and suicide. Jemima will take you on a journey through her own experiences, providing a relatable outlet and encouraging conversation. Always a gripping performance, she will leave you questioning whether she meant to do that, or whether she needs to go and have a lie down. Not for the faint hearted, but definitely from the heart.

Jemima’s debut poetry collection ‘Unorthodox’ is published with Verve Poetry Press.

Jasmine Gardosi

Jasmine Gardosi is a multiple slam champion, Birmingham Poet Laureate finalist and winner of the Out-Spoken Prize for Poetry. She uses poetry, beatboxing and audience participation to explore themes of identity, self-expression, LGBTQ issues and mental health. A current Writer in Residence at the Brontë Parsonage Museum and previous Poet in Residence at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, her work has appeared on Button Poetry, at the Tate Modern, Glastonbury Festival, and across BBC Radio, including Radio 3’s The Verb, Radio 4 and Asian Network. Her debut pamphlet ‘Hurtz’ is published by Verve Poetry Press