Nina Violet is a singer/songwriter/arranger/multi-instrumentalist from Massachusetts, where there are all four seasons.  She has toured extensively since she was quite young and continues to adventure, being the kind of person to travel with automotive tools,  gowns, guitars, boots, heels, a viola and probably some foul-weather gear. Playing solo or building bands and ensembles with everything from classical instrumentation to the classic power trio, she’ll tell you stories, sing from her heart, and look you in the eye.

Ms. Violet has self-released three albums and has just released a limited-run cassette entitled ‘Untitled’ which was sold on her recent tour with old friend Willy Mason. Now that she has made it home for a moment she is recording a fourth LP in her living room instead of owning a couch. Her songs, like the contents of her traveling vehicles, are hard to categorize-  from brutally bare and restrained to a certain punk abandon, the tunes and harmonies are so intoxicating that it’s hard at first to latch onto the lyrics, which deserve to be admired for their economy and sheer surprise.

Originally a classical violist before she went rogue, she has learned every crack and burr in her wide vocal range and plays each imperfection like an instrument. It’s a joy to hear these clear, seasoned vocals that glow with the beauty of a life-weathered scar.