Philippa Zawe

Philippa Zawe is a Birmingham based singer-songwriter. Her songs are stories of her experiences, letters to loved ones and questions to whoever is listening. They are rooted in the genre of Folk with an infusion of Soul. Her inspirations vary from the likes of Otis Redding to Joni Mitchell. Her music has been described as “audio self-care at its finest” (Two Story Melody, 2018).

In September 2017 Philippa Zawe released her debut EP Road of Hope; a tale of loss, grief and hope found along the way. Shortly after that in May 2018 Zawe then released a full band EP titled Disadvantaged. Forming the band provided Philippa with a much fuller sound which encouraged her to push boundaries and be more radical. She’s performed across Birmingham whilst making a few appearances in venues up and down the country.