Stephen & Claire Duffy of The Lilac Time

Stephen Duffy was born at 55 Highfield Road Alum Rock. He went to Washwood  Heath Comprehensive School and then to Birmingham Polytechnic where he started Duran Duran with John Taylor and Nick Rhodes. 9 months later he left and the episode was never mentioned again. He formed The Lilac Time with his brother Nick in 1986 and released their first album on the Birmingham independent label Swordfish. Their tenth Return To Us was released last year on the Berlin independent label BMG.

The first album, The Lilac Time, was recorded with Bob Lamb in the studio that was never finished in Kings Heath as was his first single Kiss Me. Claire joined The Lilac Time in 1999 when the band recorded Looking For A Day In The Night. She was not born in Alum Rock. She was however a world class professional musician, which makes it even more remarkable that she stayed with the group and married the singer 2008. This year the band release A Dream Of A Girl The Lilac Time 1999 – 2020. I’m sure they’ll sing some of them on Saturday.